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Protect and Preserve

R.E. Arnold Construction, Inc. is a locally owned family business that strives to keep Alachua County and the surrounding are as pristine as possible. We achieve this by establishing environmental rules for each job. A few include: daily job site cleanup, constant monitoring and repair of erosion control devices and approval of all dewatering methods.


REACI takes compliance issues seriously. In keeping with this commitment, R. E. Arnold Construction, Inc. requires its partner subcontractors and service providers to uphold and comply with all Environmental laws while working with REACI.

Good Stewardship

The county of Alachua's beautiful landscape, waterways, and national parks are a constant reminder of the responsibility land developers and site contractors have in protecting the land we live in. R. E. Arnold Construction, Inc. is proud to play a role in this effort by reducing waste, encouraging recycling and reuse of materials and being responsible partners with all Environmental agencies.


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